Vi.Vetro counting on their skilled professionals, deal with the production of food storage glass containers, glass bottles for wine, oil, vinegar, bubbly, beer and spirits, as well as food jars. They offer optimal solutions for the specific requests of their clients.


Vi.Vetro design and produce unique glass bottles and jars that stand out for their line, quality and design. Exclusive containers, also custom-designed, to satisfy any need.



More than 26,600 sqm covered warehouses around Italy

Gruppo SAIDA is headquartered in Longiano, in Emilia Romagna district. The Group is constituted by eight companies and ten warehouses scattered across the Country.


New market development

Gruppo SAIDA manufactures standard and customised bottles and glass containers, offering its customers the possibility to have unique products, which are recognisable in a competitive market and also difficult to counterfeit. Design is the key element in the production of unique glass packaging.


Gruppo SAIDA Participated In Packaging Prèmiere 2019

Gruppo SAIDA participated in Packaging Prèmiere 2019

Fieramilanocity, 28-30 May 2019 Packaging Première, the selective show dedicated to luxury packaging that took place from 28 to 30 May in Pavilion 4 at Fieramilanocity, has closed the doors on its third edition with 6700 individual visitors, a figure that is 40% up on last year, demonstrating how packaging…

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Arco – Distillates 70 Cl

Arco – Distillates 70 cl

ARCO, bottle for premium spirits A curved line that encloses, completes and designs the transition from a static to a dynamic shape. It conveys softness and elegance to the content.

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We design, produce and distribute exclusive containers, bottles and jars, also custom-designed

Vi.Vetro were born in 1998 in Lonigo, near Vicenza, in a district renowned for its historic oenological tradition. They offer a vast range of food storage glass containers: standard bottles and jars, as well as special and customised items. They have a 2,500 sqm warehouse that guarantees the continuous availability of their items.
Vi.Vetro is specialised in glass containers for wine, bubbly, oil, beer and spirits, as well as in food jars.
Counting on SAIDA’s marketing service, this company is able to design and manufacture new types of containers, to their clients satisfaction. Not only standard items, but also specific innovative glassworks, designed on customers request. Vi.Vetro also deals with glass post-production, in particular: silkscreen, 4-colour process, painting, etching and satin finish.
In collaboration with the main international glasswares. they were able to achieve technical solutions that made possible the realisation of new projects for prestigious brands with satisfactory value for money.
In respect of their customers satisfaction, Vi.Vetro offer and guarantee an accurate customer service, always sensible to market trends and constantly updated on glass packaging, thanks to the collaboration with the main European glasswares.
This long lasting partnership has made possible the comprehension of the evolving customer needs, in order to reply with modern and reliable solutions.


All Gruppo SAIDA’s experience at our clients’ service

The expertise and experience in glass industry, along with the constant connection between the leading companies of the group, make Gruppo SAIDA the best choice in glass containers manufacturing sector.


Gruppo SAIDA’s management has decided to focus on the excellence of their service. In particular:
– the selection of the best worldwide glassworks manufacturers for the production of a wide range of food storage glass containers (bottles and jars);
– an accurate logistics service for fast delivery;
– a qualified customer service for an efficient troubleshooting.
Customer enquiries, in compliance with ISO 9001:2000, are the best way for Gruppo SAIDA to constantly survey the best European manufacturers and to gather information about the newest market trends and applied technologies.
The Group, being always in touch with the main European glasswares, offers an advanced and successful glass packaging.


Gruppo SAIDA’s Local Presence

26,600 sqm of covered warehouses distributed throughout the country

Gruppo SAIDA  comprehends several Italian glasswares specialised in the manufacturing of bottles and food storage glass container. The head office is in Longiano, in Emilia Romagna district.

Gruppo SAIDA is constituted by eight companies and ten warehouses:
Longiano (FC) – 5.500 smq covered warehouse
Castelfranco Emilia (MO) – 3.600 smq covered warehouse
Manzano (UD) – 2.000 smq covered warehouse
Cupramontana (AN) – 1.000 smq covered warehouse
Scarlino (GR) – 1.500 smq covered warehouse
Aprilia (LT) – 1.700 mq smq covered warehouse
Spoleto (PG) – 2.300 mq smq covered warehouse
Lonigo (VI) – 2.500 mq smq covered warehouse
Nizza Monferrato (AT) – 2.500 smq covered warehouse
Simaxis (OR) – 2.000 smq covered warehouse
Scarlino (GR) – 2.000 smq covered warehouse

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Managing Director: Graziano Leccacorvi

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Arco – Distillates 70 Cl

Arco – Distillates 70 cl

ARCO, bottle for premium spirits A curved line that encloses, completes and designs the transition from a static to a dynamic shape. It conveys softness and elegance to the content.

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New Anfora – Wine 75 Cl

New Anfora – Wine 75 cl

A unique shape for the Verdicchio doc Classic A harmonic line with continuous profile. Size and weight are the same as the current wine amphorae available on the market.

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