The SAIDA Group has produced, marketed and distributed glass food containers in the Italian and foreign market since 1958.
The collocation on the territory, currently reaching 10 distributing platform, plus 30000 sqm of covered warehouses throughout the peninsula make SAIDA Group a leader in the Italian market.
Experience, flexibility, professionalism, design and creativity are the spirit of the company specialized in developing new shapes in all product sectors: wine, sparkling wine, oil, balsamic vinegar, beer, distillery, mineral water and jars.
The synergy between commercial network and Marketing, the constant technological evolution and the continuous creative research offer a highly qualified and diversified service, capable of opening easily on the international scenario with pioneering proposals.

Civas Civas Saida Aprilia Saida Aprilia Etruria Cork Etruria Cork Saida Spoleto Saida Spoleto Enovip Enovip Saida Longiano Saida Longiano Borghi Borghi ViVetro ViVetro Enofriuli Enofriuli Vetrerie Ricci Vetrerie Ricci

SAIDA Group‘s high specialization can meet any demand: from the wide range of standard products, in line with Minimal style or the simplicity of Industrial Design, to Saida Collections and exclusive projects customized for the Client.

A point of reference in the packaging sector, appreciated over the years by our customers and identified by our ability to propose on the market products where Harmony and Evolution combine in step with the changes.

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