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Arco – Distillates 70 Cl

Arco - Distillates 70 cl

ARCO, bottle for premium spirits A curved line that encloses, completes and designs the transition…

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New Anfora – Wine 75 Cl

New Anfora - Wine 75 cl

A unique shape for the Verdicchio doc Classic A harmonic line with continuous profile. Size and…

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La Botte – Balsamic Vinegar 25cl

La Botte - Balsamic Vinegar 25cl

Bottle for balsamic vinegar, white glass, 25 cl, 350 gr From wooden barrel to glass…

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Esedra – Wine 75 Cl

Esedra - Wine 75 cl

A NEW COMBINATION OF HISTORIC ELEMENTS The flaring of the neck, together with the flaring of…

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Balsamic Vinegar: Second Collection

Balsamic Vinegar: second collection

BALSAMIC VINEGAR: SECOND COLLECTION From Scaligera, inspired to “Futurism”, up to the charming baroque lines of bottles Aragona and Carolina. A…

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Balsamic Vinegar First Collection

Balsamic Vinegar First Collection

BALSAMIC VINEGAR: FIRST COLLECTION A range of proposals to celebrate Italian Balsamic Vinegar, a product…

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Victoria Lambrusco 75 Cl

Victoria Lambrusco 75 cl

AN EXAMPLE OF INNOVATIVE DESIGN Reinterprets the rigid lines of the conventional industrial glassworks for…

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Venere Oil 50 Cl

Venere Oil 50 cl

A MODERN ERGONOMIC DESIGN The result of a research project based on the combination of…

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Vaso Della Fortuna

Vaso della Fortuna

EXCLUSIVE VASE FOR ITS SHAPE, WEIGHT AND SIZE Innovative also for its production technique: "pressed"…

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